Clinister is an Alcohol-free, food additive (Citric acid) based naturally derived Highly powerful disinfectant Which not only cleanses the body and other surfaces on which it is applied without any adverse reactions but also sterilizes the Atmosphere when sprayed continuously in mist form

Pathogens are made of proteins and their cell membreane is electrically charged.

 To destroy the pathogen, a neutral entity is suitable as it can easily enter into the pathogen through the cell wall

As the nucleus of the pathogens contain water, Alcohol based disinfectants at molecular level inside the pathogens, undergo acidic change to becomes Acetaldehyde. The H+ of nucleus turns it to become Acetic acid damaging the nucleus

Clinister contains three Carboxylic acid - moieties based Sodium citrate that becomes highly powerful acid once inside the nucleus of the pathogen and dehydrates the water content of nucleus thereby damaging it to kill the target pathogen Clinister contains Organic Carbonic acid (food additive) Glycerine & Sodium citrate Available in powder form.

Cooking materials, vegetables could be exposed to this, usage in Refrigerator, pets, clinics, Operating rooms. Not to drink; when exposed to eye, wash with water And if irritant continues consult a physician Store in dark cool place, keep out of reach of kids