Web India- 07 May 2012

Device for sterilise environs launched

A private firm has launched a device which it claimed would sterilise crowded and air-conditioned environs and offer protection from infections. The device christened 'Clinister' was aimed at offering protection from infection causing viruses, bacteria and fungi. It was ideally suited for crowded and closed air conditioned environments like airport lounges, Malls, Trains, Schools and hospitals. It was launched by Nichi Vision Life Sciences. Clinister was a Citric Acid Based dispenser which works with a combination of Clinister powder and water to produce a fine mist that sterilizes and protects the area from germ causing bacteria and viruses. "This portable device has been aesthetically designed to blend with the environments where it may be placed. Given its small size and functionality it can also be used across homes for greater protection from infection causing bacteria and viruses, particularly in the backdrop of the rising incidence of airborne diseases like Swine Flu, in the city," a company release here said today. This Rs 35,000 dispenser has a greater use in places like hospitals where patients come for treatment infected with such pathogens that could harm other visitors and healthcare workers.