Chennai Patrika - 14 Feb 2012

Japanese Technology To Tackle Avian Influenza

An alcohol-free spray proven effective in bringing down air-borne pathogens Method tested at Kings Institute for hand disinfection presented in IFICON meeting promise in tackling the Avian Influenza and the same method which was tested in India has proven to be effective in hand disinfection as presented in an one-day conference by theĀ Indian Foundation for Influenza (IFICON) held at Chennai.

Avian influenza has been a major challenge globally for which a Japanese team of scientists headed by Prof. Sunao Kubota have come out with an alcohol-free continuous spraying system which effectively brings down the avian influenza virus and their study has been published in Journal of Food industry (Japanese version). This is considered to be very useful in preventing air borne infection in hospitals, dental and other clinics, laboratories etc, The same was tested for its efficacy on hand disinfection against bacteria, viruses and fungi and proven effective in a study done at Kings institute which was presented in the meeting.