A Success Story that started in 1953

Yamaji (Left) & Kubota as 6th Grade Students of Minami -Oei Primary School, Osaka, Japan in th eye at 1953

1953: As sixth graders, Yamaji and Kubota shared their dreams to become a physicist and physician respectively as classmates in Minami Oei Primary School, Osaka, Japan

1960: Kubota enters into medical school and Yamaji into University undergraduate program

19070s-90s: They meet often as friends in the neighbourhood of Osaka where they spent their boyhood as Yamaji was in Kyoto University as electrophysicist and Kubota became a Professor of general surgery in St. Marianna University, Japan

Yamaji (Left) & Kubota in 2011

2000: Jointly discover a food additive based disinfectant

2008: The product becomes a commercial commodity in Japan

2010: GN Corporation, Japan starts propagating the product under the brand name "Clinister" all over the world for various applications.

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