Clinister Gargle

"Clinister" is born out of a break-through discovery of a food additive based disinfectant material. The Citric acid based core technology of the Clinister brand, added as an ingredient in a mouth wash cum gargle solution has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Government of Japan for sale in Japan as an oral care, mouthwash - disinfectant solution that comes in a 60ml container.

The major advantage of this solution is that this has been found to be effective against Streptococcus Mutans, the main causative organism for caries tooth as found in our laboratory evaluation.

Apart from the S.Mutans this also is capable of destroying other pathogenic organisms cited. Being a food additive based component this is free from adverse reactions or strong odor etc., that even children find it friendly to rinse the mouth and gargle; of course this doesn't contain any alcohol.