"Clinister" is a brand developed and promoted by GN Corporation Co. Ltd., Japan in collaboration with their associates globally.

Clinister is a range of eco friendly, zero adverse effect, harmless products and technologies to keep the clinical, domestic and other living environments, materials in a sterile manner by powerful disinfectation by removing disease causing pathogens without causing any harm to human beings.

The Clinister technology is highly efficient not only in eradicating and keeping under control several bacteriae, fungi and viruses but also prevent their recurrent long term, thereby preventing spread of aerosol infections in any environment, nosocomial infections in hospitals, patient-air borne infections in dental clinics and physicians consultation rooms, in isolation units, ICUs, bone marrow transplantation units and in isolation wards.

The Clinister technology has been used in different applications such as spray (Gem Free), foam (Sanifoam), face wash (Facial), throat clenser (Gargle), kitchen spray (Vegiclean) and liquid to be dispensed as mist (Clinister Mist).

This food additive based material and the technologies as well as products, developed by a team of professionals from health care and allied industry is promoted by Gn Corporation under the brand name Clinister, all over the world.